Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Gift Details

Last week I posted pictures of a gender neutral baby gift I had prepared for a friend's baby shower. Today I will explore box # 2 of my 'baby shower tower'.

The Organic Cotton Baby Bolero is a pattern from Leigh Radford that can be found in the book "One Skein". It is a relatively simple pattern that knits up very quick. In a neutral color, it is a perfect choice for a baby boy or girl. The thing I love most about this pattern is the sweet eyelet
detail on the back:
It is beautiful details like these that really sell me on a garment.

The second item in box #2 is an organic cotton hat with interchangeable ribbon. Knit in the round, the hat starts with a seed stitch brim and a rows of eyelets to feed the colored ribbon (or in my case, braided yarn) through. I like giving something that has an option of personalization! This is an original pattern that I plan on putting up for free as soon as my Etsy holiday rush is complete.

Stay tuned for box #1 & #3!


  1. How sweet! I also love the eyelet detail on the shrug, and I look forward to seeing the pattern for the adorable hat.

    (PS - I've been meaning to ask, do you make your tags yourself or do you have them made? They are gorgeous!)

  2. I do make them, and they are very simple. I bought an address stamp from a seller on Etsy and had them personalize it with my store info instead. The backs have info about the garment and care instructions(just printed from my home printer). They are on heavy light blue card stock and I just cut them out. The stamp makes them- I love it!

  3. Ooo la-la! That eyelet makes it. Are you like me and buy jeans with cute linings and pockets that no one will ever see? Once you add the pattern I'll be knitting that hat for my hope chest!

  4. Haha...I think I have bought jeans because I had liked the red stitching on the inside! Too funny!

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