Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Penny

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my new workspace. I too am very excited about it, especially the big table. I love reading what everyone has to say, and by all means- please make your own. I want people to copy it, that's why I put up the details (almost forgot... I should add that the hardware is from Target)!

Among the comments yesterday was one from Penny who wrote, "Tell me about your ball winder???" So, this post is for Penny (whoever you are...I hope you come back to read this!)- I would love to tell you about my Strauch Ball Winder.

This is actually pretty long overdue. I purchased the ball winder for myself as a Christmas present (oops... how did that happen?!). After reading many thread posts on Ravelry and researching different options on the web, I decided on the Strauch.
I knew I wanted something a little more substantial, and wood winders always looked nice and sturdy (not to mention the fact that they match most umbrella swifts). Although I was very impressed by Nancy's Knit Knacks, I preferred something with a smaller price tag.

When I purchased my Strauch, I actually found it on ebay, from Yarn Bazaar. Since it has arrived, I have been nothing but impressed. Every winder comes with a mini skein on it, so you know it has passed inspection and is up to Strauch standards:

So far I have wound many skeins, from bulky to lace weight, 50g to 250g, and I have never had issues. In fact, when I first got my winder, I would race home from work just to wind 'one more ball' (sad, but true).

Unfortunately, this does mean my chair is out of a job...

But that's ok...

because I have cakes to go around!


  1. thanks so much for posting about your ball winder! When i saw the pics of your awesome new work station, which is beyond amazing, i looked at your ball winder and said "what kind of ball winder is that and where can i get one?" I have a little plastic ball winder which does the trick for now. But when we get more room in a new house, and i can get a proper craft room... then i will for sure be looking for one of those. It's so beautiful.

    So again.. thanks for posting!

  2. Such a pretty winder! Definitely looks nicer than out on display than the plastic ones :)

  3. Gorgeous ball winder!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My chairs would be sad if I got a winder.

  5. Is it weird that I fantasize about other peoples' ball winders?!

  6. I dream about a ball winder and creating those nice yarn cakes! Soon maybe... Thanks for commenting on yours!

  7. Oh my! This makes me want to come over and crank on that thingy....smiles.

  8. Beautiful yarn cakes! What yarns are they?