Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The past few weeks have seriously felt like a whirlwind.  Vacation, followed by crammed-in hoouse projects, a baby shower, my sister and family in town, and this past weekend I went away to Chicago for Stitches Midwest.   I am now welcomed home by a more than crazy work week and cannot wait until Friday evening.  I actually think I may have some time to start designing again- what fun!

As I assumed it would be, Stitches was a blast.  Most of this was due to the awesome people I got to share the experience with. From left to right: Erica Owens of Kollage Yarns, Me (and little baby Bernardi), Jill (Knitterella), and Allegra of Petite Purls.

I also had the pleasure to meet and get to know Carrie of Irishgirlieknits.  She was there with Kollage yarns signing her new pattern Bellingrath (which I did walk away with a copy of!).

We had so much fun attending the market and fashion shows.  I unfortunately missed the Ravelry Pajama Party, and I kind of regret it.  It was Friday night after dinner/fashion show, and Jill and I were anxious to get to bed after the drive into town and a long week of work. I wish I knew more about it- I probably would've fought the fatigue!

On our way back home on Sunday, Jill and I decided to stop by the Michigan Fiber Festival because it was (kind of) on the way home.

I'm sure that you, being the yarny-type you are, are interested in what purchases I walked away with from both Stitches and the Fiber Festival. Well, we must save some fun for tomorrow (and I still need to take pictures!).  Until then...


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I was in Frankenmuth last week (visiting Zeilinger's,) and I picked up the Michigan Fiber Fest magazine. I hope you at least peeked at the Goat Show (I just like saying "Goat Show!")

  2. I had so much fun meeting you Melynda! I can't believe you guys also went to the Michigan Fiber Festival...so fun!! Can't wait to see what you got :)

  3. so jealous,
    but are YOU going to RHINEBECK?!

  4. You look too cute with your little baby bump!

  5. now I'm totally looking forward to stitches!
    Angela knitluck