Thursday, September 23, 2010

All New Tabs

If you happened to stop by the blog yesterday, you may have noticed a new addition.  Although they are a work in progress (and more will be added in efforts to clean up and re-do the blog a bit), I'm happy to say that I now have a couple of tabs above my blog posts.  One of these tabs has a comprehensive list of all the yarn shops that carry French Press Knits patterns.

Pop over to see if there are any yarn shops around you.  If not, you can always let your local yarn shop owner know that they can contact me at wholesale [at!] for more information (and to be added to the growing list).

Also, I am looking for suggestions on places to go for a blog spruce-up.  Anyone out there have any experience with anyone they loved working with?  I'd love some recommendations, throw them up in the comments section.


  1. Lovely tabs, lady...I would love to know how you wrangled those! I'm also in love with the background image on your blog.

  2. redbud designs. she has a blogspot blog and her stuff is cute cute cute! also the design girl does blogs that I love!

  3. A woman by the name of Shauna Callaghan ( redid my friend's blog ( She went from blogspot to wordpress. If you just want a new header and some buttons, I love Who's Your Little Buffalo (

    Additionally, I have to say that I made seven pairs of the felted slippers for my family and they all LOVE them! Thanks so much for creating such a fun pattern!