Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pom Tutorial

In keeping up with the week of International Craft Day, today we will talk about the poms at my baby shower.  My mom had a package of store bought poms which inspired me and my sisters to make a few more.  Now that we have a little girl, I may reuse these poms above her crib in lieu of a traditional nursery mobile.

What you'll need:
10-12 sheets of tissue paper
string for hanging

Step 1:  lay all your sheets of tissue paper out in front of you

Step 2:  Fan fold the sheets (each fold should be about 1.5")

completed fan-folded tissue paper

Step 3:  using scissors, round the edges (I have also seen the edges cut to a point as a different option)

rounded edges

Step 4:  Staple right through the center of the folded tissue paper.  You are going through many layers, it will be tought to get the staple all the way through.  I put the stapler on the table and slammed it down as hard as I could.

Step 5:  fold down each layer, one by one

Step 6:  This should actually be step 5, but I forgot and did it as I went.  Tie a string around center of pom.  This way you will be able to hang it once it is all fanned out.

Step 7:  Hang: Ta-da!


  1. I can not believe this is so easy and I never thought of it. Using them as a mobile is a wonderful idea, especially for a little girl.

  2. what a great tutorial!! thanks so much for sharing, the poms look amazing.

  3. yea! I am totally going to do this for my next party. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, these take me back! I used to make these from facial tissues when I was a kid. I'd just about forgotten all about them until I went to a Day of the Dead celebration, where beau coups kiddies were making "marigolds" from tissue like yours in orange & yellow. I made one & gave it to DiscoDame; it's on the computer desk now.

  5. I used to make these for cheering in high school but tied them with old stockings.

  6. Wait, did you say that you HAVE a little girl? did I miss something?

  7. I have Martha's tutorial printed out somewhere for these things..This looks easier and more fun!

  8. Hello! I have a lovely smaller red bandana tissue paper one taped to my living room ceiling where the light fixture has been removed. There is a hole there and no one know! Beautiful! Didn't want to ask my daughter-in-law to make another because she is so busy. Now I will make more myself. Thank you!