Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ravelry Roundup 3/16/11

Wow!  Maybe it's just because I started looking more, but there were so many great patterns released on Ravelry this week and I am beyond excited to share my picks with you.  From now on, you will be able to locate past "Ravelry Roundups"  in the "Links" section on the blog. Here we go...

I'm not usually a sock knitter, but something about these beauties drew me in.  I'm glad they did, because I then I started browsing Rose's other patterns and blog- what a treat (click on her name to see more).

Simply elegant and beautiful- how could you not love it?

Oh, Sadie!  Look at those petite little sleeves- a must-knit for a baby girl.

This one got me the second time I looked at it and noticed that there are two knit panels to this cowl.  How fun would it be to do a neon color under a neutral?

Classically cute- 'nuff said.

Is all about the color choice in this simple slouchy cowl.

What little kid wouldn't love these in their play kitchen?

Seriously?  Does it get any cuter?? I love the texture in these hats- I had to order the book!

There's no shortage of mittens on Ravelry- these ones are just too clasically perfect.

Well, we all know I have a thing with slippers, how could I not instantly fall in love with these?

Just lovely- this color palette almost makes me love winter.

Another designer I have never seen anything from- I'm taking note, she's got an eye!

Hope you enjoyed the roundup this week.  What's your favortie new knit?


  1. I'm loving these roundups! Usually when I shop I'm looking for something specific and miss tons of cool stuff. I'm getting all kinds of wonderful ideas. I'm currently in love with the java socks from the winter knitty issue. I'm knitting them up with melody superwash from jojoland and the result is stunning in my humble opinion.

  2. These are great! It's true, Ravelry is such an addictive place.....I really like the veggies and the slippers, but the dress is adorable and the hat intrigues me!

  3. Thanks for the round up! My favourites list is getting a little silly now...

  4. What a great bunch of patterns! Thanks for taking the time to find them :o)

  5. Another awesome roundup!! I haven't seen at least half of these... Is wear I'm on ravelry every day, but it's impossible to see it all.

  6. oo! I've sample knitted for Rose for several projects, and they're ALL beautiful. Thanks for posting other patterns too, now I have to make them.. I love those slippers.

  7. Love, love, love this roundup! I have four friends having babies in the next few months, so an eventual roundup of baby items would also be appreciated!

  8. Love the roundup! What a fun new feature on your blog. I hope you keep it up!

  9. Dear Mama, I would dearly adore a sweet soft sadie dress ~ love Elise c/o Jaime (PS your stitching prowless rocks!)

  10. I loved this roundup! Great idea. I'm definitely going to keep checking back, even though I already spend inane amounts of time perusing ravelry patterns. It's just so fun!