Monday, December 5, 2011

Knits in Action- Little Lamby

After posting about Elise's hand knit wardrobe, I realized that I haven't totally kept up with posting pictures of her in her knit garb.  A few of the sweaters were knit before she was born, this may explain why there are quite a few gender neutral/ blue items.

The first up is one of my favorite little baby cardigans ever.  I have knit it a few times, in fact, I made a smaller version for Elise to come home from the hospital in.

A few weeks ago we spent a couple days in Chicago after a business meeting I attended.  It turned out to be a lovely weekend and Elise decided to grace the Magnificent Mile with a few Magnificent knit sweaters.

The weather was just brisk enough for stocking tights and cardigans, but not yet cold enough for heavy coats. They were getting the city all set up for Christmas.  Turns out Elise has a little Scrooge in her and decided to un-do some of the Christmas decor:

For more info on the sweater, find my original post here.  Or, check it out on Ravelry.

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