Friday, July 13, 2012

TNNA, At It's Finest

Yes, I realize that TNNA has come and gone like everything else flying by in this life, but time for a bit of a recap.  Of course I regret not taking as many pictures as I should have, but the weekend was intense.  Lovely, exciting, inspiring... but still intense.  

First up- my little corner of the TNNA world:

This was the first year I had a booth at TNNA (I think this fact plus being 7.5 months pregnant really helped build the intensity of the event!).  I went as a part of Deep South Fibers, and what a treat to be included with so many other great designers.  For their 5th Anniversary, DSF had many of their designers come and share booths at TNNA.  It was a fantastic idea and I hope they keep it going every year.  It was a great way to showcase new and old products to yarn shops, not to mention just a great opportunity to meet the people who are knitting and selling our patterns.

I would be somewhat amiss if I failed to mention the food of TNNA.  Like I mentioned before, I was 7.5 months pregnant (gimme a break- girl's gotta eat for two, folks!).  I know when people hear Columbus, Ohio they may not relate it to a place of culinary genius, but maybe they should!  I think I eat better TNNA weekend than in most of my travels.  The North Market becomes fuel for our long days, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is our little "pick me up" for our sore and tired bodies..

To get us going in the morning, I found an amazing breakfast place.  Unfortunately, I can't disclose this information.  We were told to keep it a secret by a few other knitters we spotted there (it's that good!).

Then there are the knitters.  From the amazing people I met who told me that everyone they knew got a pair of slippers for Christmas, to the designers, the yarn shop owners, the friends.  Unfortunately, this is where my pictures are lacking (sad, considering how many pictures I shared of food above).  

The people are what make TNNA so fantastic.  I got to meet many wonderful people who I have known online or through their work for years.  I made new friends whose relationships will continue to grow.  It was summer camp packed into a weekend... with more of a fiber feel.

I did snag this picture of a knitter's gauge tattoo:

Nothing I love more than a prepared knitter (and it also reminds me of a dream I had last night where I got a tattoo... I'll save that for another time).

Then there's the products.  The yarn, the designs, the bags, the needles, the notions.  Somehow I managed to not get many pictures of this either... plus it's TNNA illegal- so we'll just say I was following the rules.

I did fall in love with this baby blanket I found in the Hill Country Weaver's section of the DSF booth (along with many of their other patterns- you should go check them out!).

Isn't it gorgeous?!  It involves weaving (the pink panels are woven), crochet, and knit.  I fell in love and secretly plotted to steal it as we all packed up.  I didn't, but luckily the pattern is available in their book, Musings from Mercury Hall.

Another great thing about TNNA?  I got to swatch in bed.  This has never happened at home!  I also got some mindless knitting done, which is why I decided to make the sweater of my recent baby gift set bottom- up.  Perfect for socializing and late-night knitting!

TNNA was amazing, I wish it happened more often, but I must confess... the best part of TNNA may have been coming home to Elise, who had been working on her new "excited face" all weekend:

Just can't get enough of it!

If you want to read a bit more about TNNA (and see some better pictures), make sure you check out tiny owl knits' and The Yarniad's posts on their blogs!


  1. Looks like a great time. And being 7 and a half months pregnant myself I can't imagine setting something up now. But this is also my 3rd and worst pregnancy so maybe not the same. Hope you are healthy and comfortable and thank you for sharing and being so great!

  2. That looks like you had an amazing time! Gauge tattoo is seriously what I need since I'm always misplacing my measuring tape. If only I could get a pair of scissors permanently attached to me too...

  3. Wow Elise is changing in looks. Very excited to see mum.

  4. After listening to everyone raving about Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, I bought the bookbook and an ice cream maker! Dangerous! And, so easy to make her gourmet treats at home.