Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Blink- Catching up via

For it all goes by so fast.

But somehow, this winter seemed to drag on more than any other I can remember.  Between two kids who were not sleeping well, the job weighing me down, and running a household; this blog - and knitting altogether- became a novelty. 

I appreciate those of you who leave comments, even when I am not as present here as I should be.  The words of encouragement have kept me going- and this past weekend, this happened:

That's right!  I spent a small amount of time knitting.  It wasn't much, but it was enjoyable (especially considering that these were the first stitches I have knit since February...yes- February!). 

So, I promise you that I am still around, and we are getting by.  The change in weather seemed to bring a bit of hope to a long a dreary winter, and I am looking forward to incorporating a little more relaxation time into my schedule in the coming months.

Don't get me wrong, even though I have seen challenges in the past months, my life is not without joy, I know I am so blessed. How could I not be with these two sweet goofballs around:

And guess what?  I already have a blog post with actual knitting content scheduled for tomorrow- yipee!

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  1. So happy to read your blog today. I check for new entries each day. Your priorities are in order, so don't've got it right.

  2. Yep, right priorities: family first! Though you could think of your blog followers as a slough of Aunties & Uncles, all of whom want to see your "best projects" aka the kidlets, in action. This has just been the craziest and longest winter I've seen here in Tennessee -- not a lot of really cold weather, just unendingly chilly! I sure hope I get a good crop of mulberries out of this damp chilliness.

  3. It looks like full-time entertainment is about to begin. Before you know it Sam will be trying to keep up with Elise - if he isn't already. So...enjoy the few moments of knitting!

  4. Aw, your wee ones are super cute. And those wee sweaters! oh, they grow so quickly.

  5. Kids not sleeping well is HARD. It makes everything else seem like an insurmountable task -- and you have a LOT going on! I've been thinking about you lately and am SO excited to see you in June. I'm also thrilled to see you snuck in a little knitting recently!

  6. life can get you like this from time to time, I know! But your new knitting project looks highly promising and your two little people are lovely!

  7. I know there are sometimes when our kids are babies and this takes more times from us, but is not always like that, so now enjoy your babies, you have plenty of time, to continue knitting.

  8. Your children are adorable, enjoy every moment with them while they are young for once they grew older particularly in their teenage years things often change.