Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Perfect Purple

Or at least it is according to one three-year-old that I know.

Elise's socks were a quick knit, and I'm starting to understand a little part of the joy of knitting socks.

I decided to knit them toe-up at the same time, and they did seem to fly this way.  My only regret is that I wish I would've seen the comment from Jill C. who wrote:

"I learned toe-down and that is still my preference--probably because I have a lot more practice with it and thus the results are always better. When knitting socks for my 2.5yo and almost 5yo I always knit them top down because their little feet grow so quickly and the socks are still in really good shape when they are out grown. SO, I undo the toe and lengthen them as needed. It seems like I always have just a little ball of the yarn I used still hanging around and this is a good way to use it up."

Of course!  Why didn't I think of that?  That's why I try to keep a few sock knitters in my "circle" ;-)

As for the pattern, I pretty much followed Smelly Socks by Katherine Youngs to a tee.  It happened to be the perfect size for Elise's feet, I could not have asked for a better fit.  

And does Elise like them?  I've caught he taking off her "normal" socks and sneaking in extra wears with her "knitting socks", so I would consider that a success!

As for me- socks are underway.  Moving slowly as I have not found much time for knitting this past week, but hopeful to be able to work a little more this weekend.
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  1. Awesome and I love that she LOVES them and is sneaking in extra wearing time. You are so quick! I've got a big event this week for my work so I've done zippo knitting, but keep caring it around with me and keeping it by my chair. Something about just seeing it there beside me has a calming effect although it doesn't do much for my progress! :-)

  2. It's like her little feet are smiling!

  3. they are adorable!! I never thought about undoing the toe of the sock once they grow out and adding more! What a great idea.

  4. Oh, duh, why dont I try knitting baby/children sized socks?... I'm in the 'trying to love sock knitting' clan too :)

  5. How CUTE is Elise in her new little socks?!?! And how awesome that she loves them so much!

  6. I've a pair of men's size 11's OTN, been hibernating 4-evah as I seek out quicker knitter gratification. I'm considering frogging & restarting them toe-up (I don't think this 85 yr old gent's feet are growing) to speed things up. Never done toe-up, hope I can manage it!

  7. Such lovely wonder she loves the socks:)

  8. Elise is darling! I love your sock color choices.
    Ive been on sort of an anti sock thing this year. > I don't want to make two of anything….
    so its shawls and hats