Friday, December 12, 2014

At it Again

Here I sit, less than two weeks before Christmas, and my mantle looks a little something like this:

At this moment, you might think, "Oh! How festive and charming.  And what lovely hand knit stockings!"
 To which I would reply, "Oh thank you- you do flatter me so!"

But on second glance, we all come to a realization.

"Hey... there are only four stockings, and your family now has fi..."

Yup.  Don't even say it.  Here in lies the problem.

So, for the past couple weeks, while I've taken my pretty little time poking around with different colors and designs, my mantle has looked the same- one stocking short.

It seems I have finally decided on a color scheme.

And last night I even cast on and knit a few inches.

And now it's time to knit.

Follow my progress on Instagram:  #stockingforclara

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1 comment:

  1. So lovely to see all the stockings hanging there! Good luck with Clara's -- it's looking great so far. I finished one for our little guy (in time for his 2nd Christmas), but need to knit two more for my husband and myself, so you're way ahead of us!