Friday, January 15, 2016

Sam's Christmas Sweater

And finally, some pictures.  More about the process in yesterday's post.

The sweater was modeled after Joe's Graduation Vest (I still owe you some posts on that, don't I?).  I changed the colors a bit but used the same pattern.  Knitpick's Palette was the yarn of choice, and I used less than one skein of every color used.

Raveled: here


  1. Beautiful knitting! The vest is absolutely adorable. It makes me want to try color work, which is something that I have ventured into yet.

  2. Wow, it looks beautiful! So cute!

  3. So cute! Your son looks just dashing in his vest. Yikes, that does sound like stressful knitting. We just moved to Michigan over New Years, and I didn't even THINK about Christmas knitting this year, alas. Next year!

  4. That's one handsome little man!