Friday, January 8, 2016

When Good Knits Go Forgotten

Welcome to 2016!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season.  The down time was much needed and appreciated in our neck of the woods, but it's good to be back on a schedule and to be making goals for the New Year.

In the midst of the New Year productivity, we decided to switch our kids bedrooms around.  Clara moved into Sam's old room, Sam moved into Elise's old room, and Elise moved into Clara's old room. *phew* Not an easy task!

With all the moves came cleaning out closets and drawers.  I have a box of hand knits stowed away in the back of the nursery closet.  I thought I had gotten out all of Elise's old knits for Clara to put into rotation but to my surprise, I found this beaut' tucked in bottom:

So, while Clara was busy wearing her Merriment Cardigan around town all Christmas, this one was sadly tucked away.  The good news?  It fits!

The sweater was knit for Elise for Christmas back in 2011.  Although I limited use/wear to the holidays back then, now I'm just happy Clara has a chance to wear this hand-me-down-hand-knit while it's still chilly!

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  1. This is such a beautful sweater!!!

  2. Beautiful! What pattern is this? Luckily you found it while it still fit.

  3. Oh my goodness those pigtails! She is so sweet and so is the sweater of course.

  4. Gorgeous little cardi. Seeing how sweet she looks in it makes me want to get out the needles and make something similar for my granddaughter