Friday, December 2, 2011

A Year of Baby Knitting

After being inspired by Mandy's hand knit hat and mitten collection over at Zig Zag Stitch, I decided I would round up Elise's knit wardrobe from this past year and put it all together.  Now before you look at my picture- did you look at Mandy's?  Pretty cool to see all those beautiful knits together, huh?

Ok, without further ado, I give you Elise's collection:

And now, for what's included:

Hats: 12
Pullover sweaters: 2
Cardigans/Jackets:  10
Shrugs: 1
Dresses: 3
Blankets: 1
Legwarmers: 1 pair
Mittens:  1 pair (and then a few sample loners that she's been wearing since we can't find one mitten of her pair)
Diaper Covers: 1
Socks/Booties: 3 pairs
Felted Bag: 1
Teddy Bear: 1
Balls: 3

Just for the record, not all of these were knit by me.  Here's the gifts:
Felted Bag- from Charlene
Bunny Hat, White Ear flap Hat, and Balls- from Melissa
Green Hat- from Tara
Playful Stripes Cardigan: from Jill
Dedication outfit (crocheted dress, blanket, bonnet, and booties):  My Mother in Law
2 Hats- from the hospital when she was born

It's quite an extensive list.  Let's just say it, this girl is spoiled.  Sadly, her future siblings will probably never get as many hand knits as her (no counting hand-me-downs), poor kids (can you tell I'm not a first born?).

Now the real question boggling my mind is the following: how did this happen?!

ps- for those of you wondering, I still have not decided on a stocking.  I am loving the idea of incorporating the motif from last year's dress, I guess we'll see what I come up with!

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  1. I can tell you that any subsequent children will be SO hard to knit for. Oh, I have found lots of patterns and even have the yarn for some of them, but alas, they won't leave me alone long enough to cast on! Even their Grandma seems to be having difficulty getting something made for my 2nd.

  2. But when more children follow, those knits will be used again! That the trouble when they grow so fast :)

  3. Adorable! Sounds like She needs a set of my mitten clips ;) ;)

  4. Lucky girl! Love that you mentioned me :) I know that the earflap hat was way too big when she was born, does it fit now or is it too small? Bummer if I missed the right size (seasonally)!

  5. Thanks for the "shout out" on the felted bag! That is a wonderful collection of hand knits! Hand knit love for sure!

  6. !!!! This makes me so happy. I love it!

  7. Now that is impressive!

  8. wow, Elise is such a lucky duck to have so many wonderful, wonderful hand knits!!

  9. They grow up so fast! My own is 6 and I can't believe it. Cherish it while you can!

  10. oh dear the Owl sweater?? Where did you get the pattern for the diaper cover.

  11. Melynda...what a lucky girl! So beautiful~you rock!

  12. Oh I see it I was looking for more orange, Red in the face here.

  13. Jennifer- the diaper cover was from Vintage Baby Knits- just sized down a ton to fit her newborn bum (it was still pretty big though).

  14. Love seeing all those baby knits together. So sweet of you to include the gifts as well (thanks! ;) ).

  15. What an inspiring post! I've been such a selfish Mummy and have knit nothing for my little lad yet (nearly 8 months!) people have given me gorgeous handknits though so he's had a bit. Casting on tonight..

  16. I have no words, because my mouth is just hanging open. That is stunning and I am so impressed! One day I hope to be as prolific as you. :-)

  17. Oh now thats an inspiring photo!