Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Finds- Stocking Stuffers for Knitters

Truth be told, I would love if any of these items made an appearance in my stocking! Hopefully this helps with the knitter in your life...

1. The Knit Kit

2. Amazon- Holiday Knits: 25 Great Gifts from Stockings to Sweaters

3. luckybeepress- Letterpress Notecard Set- Yarn

4. karatstixs- Count Your Stitches 2 Inch Stitch Gauge Rule

5. karatstixs- Yarn Stash Knitters Rule Needle Gauge

6. Rowan- Rowan International Membership

7. Madelintosh- Madelinetosh Sock Yarn

8. Wash

9. Knit Picks- WPI Tool and Knit Card

10. Knit Picks- Knitting Needle Point Protector

11. Knit Picks- Pill Remover


  1. Great ideas! I would be happy if any of them showed up in my stocking too. :) I might have to send a link to your post as a hint ;)

  2. Unfortunately I am the only knitter in my life... maybe they should show up on my Christmas list! Your blog is lovely and your writing style is really natural, really nice to read x

  3. Oh, great ideas! I have a few knitters on my list, and this will come in handy.

  4. Terrific for Chanukkah, too. The Husband is always looking for something for the eight days, funny how he never thinks of yarn.....
    I adore your slipper pattern. It will be perfect for my DIL-to-be. She studied for several years in France and they look just like something she would wear. I will order just as soon as I get back from my walk in the snow. Thanks, Ravelry!

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