Friday, January 29, 2010

Version 2.1 Errata Notice

I'm very much enjoying all of the craft room ideas that everyone is suggesting. I've been having a lot of fun looking at all the pictures on the links people are giving me... keep them coming!

Today a fellow Raveler contacted me to let me know of an error in the new pattern. In the first section about knitting the bottoms, it reads:

Make 2, the first one should be just as written(right sole). The second (left sole) is made as an opposite by reversing shaping.

It should read:

Make 2, the first one should be just as written(left sole). The second (right sole) is made as an opposite by reversing shaping.

I will link this post to the Ravelry pattern page and update it when necessary.


  1. Love these slippers! I'm going to make a pair in every color of 220, well most colors anyway.

  2. I was wondering if I could use Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool? It's 100% wool and I really wanted to start making these as Christmas Presents. Thank you! These are super cute!!

  3. Hello
    I have bought this pattern from you (felted slippers!) I have some washable (at 30) merino wool - having never felted before (but wanting to use up my huge stock of yarn!) I wondered if you could tell me if this wool would be ok for the felted slippers if i washed them at 60 ???
    Chantelle x

  4. I have had my eye on this pattern since the first day I joined Ravelry. I can't wait for my e-check to clear so I can knit them up!

  5. i need some help on this pattern. what are the instructed markers for. i put them in as i knit but there are no instructions as to how they are to be used. I made two pair and they are wearable but not a giftable project. maybe if i knew where the heel was supposed to meet the sides, how high the heel and front seams are supposed to be...need more instructions on putting together to get nice balanced toes and heels.

  6. love these slippers, my niece ask me to make them for her bridesmaids gifts. They loved them and danced all night.

  7. Hello! I love this pattern and have had it since last year. Unfortunately I have holes in the seam where the sole and the sides attach. I saw somewhere where someone said a "seamless" version was available. Would you please direct me to those instructions? Thanks so much!