Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wholesale Available

You all know a couple things right now:

1. I have been away from the blog for a few days


2. Joe is a much better writer than I!

When I was originally toying with the idea of starting a blog, I begged Joe to be the writer. It's not that I don't like the blog(in fact, I like having it more than I ever thought I would), it's just that I have never been too keen on getting words on paper. Hopefully Joe will start to frequent the blog more often- it is a treat for all!

Last week I was away for work in Chicago. Right before I left, I placed my first print order for the French Press Felted Slipper Pattern. My work meetings were finished up on Thursday so I took Friday off with the sole purpose of visiting yarn shops in the Chicago area. Joe met me and brought the new patterns along(which arrived when I was out of town).

As of yesterday, I am officially set up for wholesaling the French Press Felted Slipper Pattern. If you are a LYS and would like to have the pattern for your shop, you can contact me at wholesale [!at] frenchpressknits.com. Right now the slipper pattern is the only one available for wholesale, but I will be adding more in the near future.

Was it a successful trip? What do you think?

*Yes, these bags are all filled with yarn and other knitting sundries :)


  1. Congrats - that is so exciting! The patterns look fantastic. Also, I think my eyes bugged comically out of my head when I saw all that yarn. Definitely a successful trip!

  2. oooh, so jealous... I'll pass this info on to my LYS though.

  3. le jealous! That little canvas tote is adorable!

  4. Hooray! Also, I'm super jealous of your bags of goodies.

  5. i blogged about you! love you!


    btw, i had a tear run down my face from Joe's words about you in the kung fu post. you are truely wonderful. can't wait to hear more about chi-town

  6. "Sole purpose" of visiting yarn shops... ha! No, I definitely believe you're doing a fine job with your wonderful blog.

  7. i too am super-jealous about those bags of yarn. tasty. keep up with the blogging!

  8. Ahh!! J'adore Chicago! I'm almost done with my slippers and was wondering whether you will make a pattern for little BOYS slippers...my sons keep asking me what I'm knitting for THEM, and I keep smiling and saying: "Actually, it's for ME!"