Friday, July 23, 2010

Yellow Fabric

Some of you may remember that a while ago I enlisted help in finding a yellow fabric.  At the time, I couldn't tell you why I was looking for such a gender- neutral yellow fabric, but by now, you may have a good guess. 

Just over a year ago, my sister moved away and left me with her nursery set.  It is a light maple wood, which probably wouldn't be my first choice in bedroom furniture, so I started scouring the internet for room options that would work with said furniture.

It didn't take long before I spotted this room at Ohdeedoh and fell in love with the color scheme and thus my newly inherited furniture.

The room is from the blog Me and Wee and was done for a baby girl. Since we are not finding out the sex of our little one before the arrival (and there's a whole story there, more later),  and I was already in love with this room, I figured it was the perfect inspiration for our gender-neutral baby room.

Since it's more than difficult to find bright yellow and white crib bedding, I decided it might be easier to just find some fabric to make a crib bumper and possibly skirt to bring the yellow bedding in (the other bedding would just be white, easy-peasy, right?).  Turns out a modern yellow and white fabric is hard to find.  This is what I had in mind (but in yellow and white instead of orange and white, obviously):

See more of this nursery here

Here's what I've purchased so far:

But I'm still not completely settled on it. I think it will get the job done, but I'm not sure it was exactly what I was looking for.  So if you happen to be out and about and notice some fantastically modern yellow and white fabric, let me know :-)

PS...yesterday Steven A posted an interview with me for 'Project Ten'. See more on his blog and stay tuned for the next designers! 


  1. That is going to be one mighty cute nursey! I find it really hard to believe that you're having a hard time finding that perfect modern yellow-and-white fabric (since in my mind it's one of the popular colour combinations these days,) but keep at it. The one that you've found so far is lovely.

    And congrats on the came out great!

  2. Adorable pics, and how fun to be doing a nursery!

    Your quest for the perfect modern yellow reminded me of a bag I got on etsy made out of a Heather Bailey fabric. Here's a link to the fabric:

    And here's a link to the bag I got:

  3. I just have to say that not finding out the sex of the baby is FANTASTIC! I have 5 and we peeked on the 3rd but they were wrong so we were surprised just the same. Our little girl was #4 and since we didn't know it was even better...nice to be surprised.

    Good luck with the nursery.

  4. We waited to find out gender as well and I ran into the same problem when looking for bedding! All I wanted was a tan/brown bedskirt...and by the time I had lost hope and was about to sew my own our baby decided to come out! :) Good luck!

    P.S. We had a girl, here's a little peak at our nursery:

  5. what a cheerful fabric!

    we didn't want to know what we were having either. it's a nice surprise finding out!

  6. I didn't dig around for yellow - but thought you'd enjoy digging yourself - these guys have lots of modern looking fabric and have a nice vibe going on too! Your nursery is going to look great!

  7. I work at Calico Corners; if there is not one in your area try We carry a yellow-and-white trellis fabric. As it is a home dec fabric, I don't recommend washing it before sewing, and it should be dry cleaned. But it would be a pretty, sunny, gender-neutral fabric for your little one's room! Good luck!

  8. Super cool about the interview on "Project Ten!" It turned out great! And I love the baby-room inspiration, can't wait to see your version of it. :) Makes me want to redo my nursery... lol

  9. I rather like that orange fabric! And orange is gender neutral, as are red and green. I once saw an adorable nursery done in red, yellow and white.

  10. What about Marine in Yellow from Jennifer Paganelli's Poodle line?

    or Heather Bailey's Swirlybuds in Yellow:

    If you want a really large print:

  11. Oh I like the Marine and the Swirlybuds prints a lot! Good finds Cassie. What do you think Melynda?

  12. if i ever have kids (doubtful), you're designing the nursery.

  13. Love that combo. Have you looked at Portabellopixie's fabrics? Something in her Farmer's Market line might work. Check out this link:

  14. Love! I too am Preggo! (almost 19 weeks) Congrats and woo-hoo for 2010 babies!

    I have my ultrasound in 10 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes . Can you tell I would NEVER make it the full 9+ months to find out! LOL!

    -Jenn Doll (Landen Road Designs)

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  16. Where did you purchase this fabric for your nursery? I love it!