Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tugboat Coat

It's hard to believe that in a few short months, I will have my own little knitting model.

Until then, it does look like the paper towel holder/ wooden spoon apparatus will retain it's job.

I do feel a little guilty.  The other day, when I posted this as a WIP, everyone commented on the beautiful color.  Well, the photo was a bit deceiving.  It's not as light as you may have believed, but instead a dark navy blue. Here's the stats:

Size: 6-12 months (but I think it turned out a little bigger)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto (Navy, dk weight superwash, 5 skeins total)
Raveled: here

When I went to buy buttons, I didn't fall in love with any of them.  Since I bought my yarn for this project when it was on sale at, I quickly realized that purchasing 11 buttons could nearly double the cost of this project.  I decided to see what I had at home, and I'm happy that I did!

If you've ever seen my slippers (and most of you have), you would suspect that I have a thing for the vintage leather button look.  I love the look of this little jacket with the leather buttons, I feel like it changes it a lot from the original project.

How about you, do you have any money-saving, knitting-related secrets to share?


  1. That is so, so cute. The color is still gorgeous, even though it's a more accurate picture.

    Here's my tip: sometimes a thrift store will have garments with tons of buttons on them, but it might be on something you'd never wear. So for like $3, you can get all the buttons you need.

  2. That is a very handsome coat! Between the navy and the leather buttons it has a lovely vintage feel.

    Also, I can't wait to see your model. :)

  3. Oh my! I absolutely adore that little coat. So, so sweet. I can't wait to see it on your model.

  4. I much prefer the leather buttons. That is so adorable. Now, I have to find a little boy to make one for. Ay!

  5. It's gorgeous! I love the leather buttons, it's such a lvoely, masculine little coat. Great job.

  6. Oh, I love it! It is a fantastic little sweater and the buttons are just perfect!

    My money-saving tip is to never, ever buy knitting accouterments unless they are less than $1. All of my stitch markers are cut up straws, my notions box is an old Altoid tin, and things like needle gauges, row counters, etc. can be had for super cheap from thrift and antique stores. (And, um, raiding my grandma's unused craft supplies.)

  7. I love the button choice - and the dark blue is also beautiful!
    Having other friends who knit and/or are crafty is my best money-saving tip - easy to share needles, leftover yarn, borrow equipment, make trades... Of course, these same friends are also responsible for me getting a spinning wheel last year and a drum carder this year.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love that coat. So rich and classic. Your little one is so lucky.

    I inherited my grandmother's button jug a couple years ago. It contained mostly shirt buttons but I did find some really cute vintage buttons. I bet you could find button tins or jars at flea markets or auctions.

  9. I have no tips....but I wanted to say that I love this sweater/jacket! beautiful! smiles....

  10. Ive had such a hard time finding good, masculine boy knits. This ie a good one!

    I steal buttons off old clothes that are past their prime. I also buy shirts and coats from thrift shops for their buttons.

  11. knit for other knitters.
    they'll usually buy you the yarn.

  12. I do like this color! The buttons seem perfect for this knit! I also can't wait to see your little model ;-)

  13. Beautiful! But you need to check the washing instructions for the buttons--often, those leather ones cannot be washed.

    I have a question for you: I bought your felted slippers pattern, and I hope to make some soon. However, I have never run across the "double knit" term/stitch. Can you explain it to me?