Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Nurseries

No, no- we are not expecting twins.  This is merely another story of pre-baby compromise in the Bernardi home.

Maybe I shouldn't call it that.  I don't think I actually had the  'go-ahead' from Joe on these plans, so I suppose it was less a compromise and more 'I'm pregnant so I'm going to do what I want'.

Being that this is our first child, we have a few different room options for a nursery.  The logical room would be the first bedroom you come to as you walk upstairs (our bedroom is on the main floor), and thus we had decided previously that this would be the nursery.

Then, I got inspired. You may remember this stunning room that I blogged about:

It didn't take long before I realized that the wood floor in this room looked very similar to the wood floor we just put in our basement.  And guess what!?!  We just so happened to have a few extra boxes of said wood floor left over- coincidence?  I think not!

Quickly I started making plans to change out the flooring in this room to match the above room:

Joe did not agree with this plan.  Instead, he decided to be logical and point out the fact that the carpet in this room was replaced right before we moved in (only two years ago).  Boo!

Unfortunately for poor Joe, he does not fully understand the determination of a pregnant woman. For me, case was not closed, and I soon had new plans.  

Right across the hall from this room is another room that (with the exception of having one less window) is a mirror image of this first bedroom.  This room has carpet that is original to the house, and in my opinion, needed to be replaced:

Wouldn't you agree?  That's what I thought!

This past weekend I had my first baby shower and my family hosted in our newly finished basement. I thought it would probably be a great idea to have the room somewhat finished so people could see it while they were over.  So, Wednesday was painting day.  Thursday my sister and I ripped up carpet, and on Saturday, my father, brother-in-law, and I put in a new wood floor.  Gosh, I'm lovin' this second trimester!

Updated pictures coming soon!


  1. GOOD! You need wood floors. Plus, you need to use what you have left over, right? And since you now have minions, you should use them. This is where I would grin at you in a manner that would suggest that we are conspiring with each other to get your way, if I were in front of you. *grins*

  2. I think having a wood floor will be so convenient in a nursery! Any, ahem, messes will be much easier to clean up. Also, it's pretty and nice and light. Will you be getting that very same Ikea bookcase. I have that one and I love it, so... I would totally recommend it. Hey, if you do end up going to Ikea for anything, I do live 5 minutes away from it, so I'd love to join you :)

  3. I loved being pregnant and the floods of creativity that wash over me. I think that happens on purpose since sleep is limited after babe comes and you are too tired to do much more than feed babe. I love the photos and look forward to seeing the finished rooms.

  4. With a baby, a wood floor is definitely a good choice. They're so much easier to keep clean.

  5. That's awesome! I'm so impressed that you were right in the fray working on the floor. The inspiration room is gorgeous, and HW floors are such a great idea. They're so much easier to keep clean, esp. with kids and pets, and they're much better for allergy sufferers, too.

    People with carpeting often claim that their houses are perfectly clean when they only vacuum once every week or two, but it's simply not true! All that dirt is ground into the carpet.

  6. AH! i'm not a baby person so i have no clue what to knit!!
    anything you'd love me to knit for the mini french press?

  7. cannot wait to see the new nursery..let us know when you have eveythng set...i know that nesting is in your near future..cuz i remember very

  8. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Love that second trimester!

  9. Great Idea! smiles....

  10. can't wait to see the nursery! you'll love having a wood floor - easier to clean spesh when baby (or you!) make a mess. you can always find a cute little throw rug for a spot of warmth.