Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ravelry Roundup- 4/6/11

Hopefully I didn't scare you when I didn't post a Ravelry Roundup last week.  Even though my queue grows to a size that is incompletable in this lifetime, I still enjoy seeing all the new designs that come out week to week.  Without further ado, I present the roundup for this week:

Another new deisgner to me, but after glancing through her designer page on Ravelry, she is now added to my favorites.  So many cute knits for kids!  Also- look at that beautiful hand dyed yarn.  You guessed it, none other than my sponsor this month, Tanis Fiber Arts!

Add another blog to my Google Reader- it seems I love the work of the Brown Stitch, too!

A little classic cardi to wear everyday (for some reason- it seems way more acceptable to wear a cardi over and over.  Pullover?  Not allowed!  There's something magical that happens when you add buttons to the front!). 

I have never knit with beads- this cowl makes me want to try it out.

Hello, cuteness!  Anyone have any upcoming baby showers?  That's right... I do!

The texture, the lace, the colorway- a must-knit!

I've said it once- I'll say it again:  this girl can design!

You wouldn't be allowed to wear it everyday (see above), but that doesn't mean it wouldn't get a ton of wear in my wardrobe.

The new Twist Collective was recently released.  A perfect evening break is making myself a cup of tea and sitting down to click through a new Twist Collective.  They have the best patterns/styling.  In other news, Hilary just had a little baby boy- congrats to the whole Yarniad family!

Another Twist Collective gem.  In TC, they have a thin purple belt around the waist- too perfect.

I originally saw this in person at Knit Michigan- what fun to see it pop up on Ravelry (Don't you just love those Jul Silver Pedestal Buttons?!?). 

Shorter sleeves, open front, plus... you can wear it everyday (see above)!  I could definitely get some use out of this in my spring wardrobe (this and about any other design from knitbot).

And there's your roundup.  Thoughts?  Favorites?  What's been added to your queue?


  1. I'm finding these round-ups so helpful, Melynda. Thank you so much for doing all that hard work hunting around ravelry!

    On the cardigan vs sweater issue... Do you think the everyday nature of the cardigan comes partly from the way that a cardigan can be used almost to accessorise an outfit, whereas a sweater is pretty much part of the outfit needing to be accessorised (or not)?

  2. Oooh, so many gorgeous patterns! I love this feature. I haven't seen that gorgeous Thao shawl (LOVE!), and that Momo sweater- I love it!

  3. @jennifer That's a great point, you may be right on with that one. Even if I wear a cardigan all day, I kind of feel like nobody knows that. Maybe they thought I just grabbed it because I caught a chill and wore it for a few minutes. This makes it acceptable to wear the next day... and the next... and the following day after that!

  4. So many new faves! You picked my two favorite designs from this issue of Twist Collective, and of course that little rainbow striped skirt is too cute!

  5. The beaded cowl is on my list. I love beads and knitting, what a perfect combo.

  6. Just discovered Elizabeth Smith too!! and love those li'l booties :) Love cardis too - much easier to take on and off (and on and off, and on and off) in this season of my life!!!

  7. These round ups are so fun (and dangerous!) I was just looking for a dress using DK for my baby's first birthday and love the Elena Nodel designs! So fun!

    (I finished my Aravis and it is cozy and warm!)

  8. I am adding no less than six new knitting blogs to my reader as a result of this post!

  9. Momo and Strafford will make it into my favs! I need some T's!

    And I already commented on Arianes What's hot that I would like to try the beaded cowl (although you can't see it's a cowl on her blog. I thought it was a scarf) I really like the color combi in that one!

  10. What a great round-up! Those baby booties are just tooo cute to resist. :)

  11. Wow, thank you for the Blue Daisy shout-out!! I'm quite honored that it would be included amongst these awesome designs! And I have been loving your knits lately...the "Fun and Funky" baby hat and Aviatrix are precious (and yes, don't you love when you switch from fingering weight yarn to DK and it feels HUGE and so fast?). I also love your sister's blog!