Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TNNA Through the Eyes of Twitter

For those of you who follow my twitter feed, you know where I ran off to this past weekend. For those of you who don't, here's a quick recap of my weekend at TNNA.

At #TNNA, tucked away in our room hiding from the storm. Made it to @jenisicecreams just before the rain came :)
10 Jun

First time in a hotel. #tnna is fun for the whole family. All ready for bed.

@ysolda teaching Elise to crawl- she's almost there!

FPK corner at Deep South Fibers Booth #tnna

Deep South Fibers Booth #TNNA

Using handknits to entice babies to crawl @ysolda booth tnna

@KollageYarns with @kzooerica tnna

RT@AnneKuoLukito: Look who I finally met! @frenchpressknit
Owly Images

Final goodbye to TNNA with my girl @Joanna__Johnson

All tuckered out. On the road home to Michigan, goodbye TNNA!

Sad I didn't get to say farewell to my new friends @tentenknits and @PatriciasYarns - hope to meet again soon

Treat for the car ride from @tasteofbelgium If you are still at TNNA, you must try @NorthMarket

And now that I'm home I'm busy re-packing for a work trip. I leave in a few hours- I have been dreading this for a long time, my first time away from sweet Elise. So I leave you with my most recent Twitter update:

Packing for my work trip- all set! #wishfulthinking

Any mommies out there have tips for me? It will be the first time I am away from Elise for any amount longer than a typical workday. Still nursing and haven't quite figured out the flying with milk rules... flight leaves at 3:30 (help!).


  1. Hi Melynda,

    Most of the pictures are not showing up in your post. I don't know if it's my browser but I can only see the first one of Elise and the one of you with Anne Lukito. Can't wait to see the rest of them. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure if you explain it won't be an issue. Good luck!

  3. I don't see the pictures either :)

  4. Same here with the photos, oh well. As far as nursing on a plane goes I'm sure it'll be fine. I don't think there are any rules, just keep your fluid levels up and maybe speak to one of the crew if you're bothered, people always seem really helpful with that sort of thing.
    I've never flown with mine but find nursing in the real world to be fine, nobody seems to notice.. Just go for it I say, the girl's got to eat! :)Hope the flight goes OK!

  5. Ok... are the pictures showing up now?

    @georgievinsun Unfortunately, I don't get to bring Elise along since it's a work trip. I am bringing the pump as a carryon but not sure what I will doon the way home with the frozen milk. I think I can carry it on?

  6. Awwww...she looks so cute in the suitcase. Elise was so sweet this weekend. I am so glad I got to meet you and your family at TNNA.

  7. OK, I have no idea about the frozen milk.. Sorry! They're so strict in the UK about stuff like that, I'd check with security in advance. Hope the trip flies by and you get back to Elise in what seems like no time!

  8. Call the airline and ask - that is my only suggestion. I have to think for things like breastmilk there must be exceptions.

  9. Hope I'm not too late! Of course you can fly with frozen breast milk! Here is TSA's policy:


  10. What is it that you do for work? All this fabulous knitting and that sweet little angel seem like a handful as it is!

  11. I can't help in the transporting milk area, as I stopped nursing the last of my boys 18 years ago. In terms of traveling for work when they were little, I made sure that I left them a tape, reading them a bedtime story, and saying how much I loved them, and good night. As they got older I would do one for each night I was away, and give them a countdown. I also left something with my scent on it (I know that sounds strange) but my younger son in particular, instead of a blanket he snuggled, had a nightshirt of mine, he would put the sleeve over his nose and rub it until he fell asleep. And because I found I missed them more then air itself, I always brought one of their cuddles with me. When they got older they chose what went on my trip with me. Beware of that practice, I once had to travel with less then sweet smelling lucky baseball socks, since I was going to miss a game while I was away. The best part will be coming home, the rapt joy on her face when she first sees you will melt your heart.

  12. oh my gosh how cute does she look in your case! adorable! sorry I bottle feed my little miss so don't have any advice but I have to leave my little miss from 5am till 10pm and am already dreading it. I am going to talk about her non stop, I just know it!

    oh she is adorable!

  13. If you can pack the frozen breast milk in your checked luggage, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle. Reading that TSA link, going through security with more than 3 ounces might raise an alarm (especially without a baby with you). And I wonder what they'd think about it being frozen--they're allowed to check it if there's more than 3 ounces, but how do you test a frozen liquid? Plus, your checked luggage is probably going to be kept colder (in the hold) that your carry-on anyway.

  14. I'm one of the lucky ones who received all the photos. Frustrating for those who don't. What a sweetheart you have. So adorable. I knit my two daughters tons of things when they were young - and older also. They are in their 30's and 40's now. I don't know anything about breast feeding/milk as I was unable to do that! Love reading your blog.
    Joan in Wisconsin

  15. Hope your business trip is going well, though I'm sure you are missing Elise terribly! Loved all the pictures from TNNA, but am wondering if you made the cream colored (lace?) cardigan that you are wearing in the photos? I would love to get the pattern!
    Elizabeth in Seattle

  16. Can't help with the milk rules but it is never easy leaving your children. Mine are all older (in college and out) and I still hate leaving for business trips when they are home.

  17. Your baby girl is very adorable and lovely! I just can't stop smiling when I saw her with a grin!

  18. There should be info listed on the TSA site about breasmilk. I think you may want to keep the qty's separated into small amounts though. I traveled once when I was away from my little one, and I stocked up before hand, and just dumped while I was gone (pouring it down the drain was hard to watch!) But I didn't want to deal with the keeping it cold and traveling with it. Good luck!

  19. Elise is so cute and active! Don't worry, she understands, and knows how much you love her!