Friday, June 10, 2011

What Elise is Really Thinking

**"Apparently Mommy thinks she has knit enough for me"**

About the knitting dry spell, that is. It appears that Elise got quite used to her posh handknit lifestyle. Keep the dream alive, baby- your day may return!

Speaking of Elise, she's on the move- this is what it's like trying to get a picture of her these days. The real fun comes at diaper changing time!

**"Who- Me?!"**

"Apparently Mommy Thinks She Has Knit Enough For Me" onesie is from from friend and fellow knitter/designer Kate Oates of TotToppers. To see her line of tees for knitters, click here.


  1. OMG, Elise is just too adorable!! And you know it isn't will be knitting again for Elise. Just kick back and enjoy yourself, it is enough just cashing after her!!

  2. what! is she crawlin already! I thought my baby was older and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon! WOW! I'm impressed

    love the onesie! I'm madly knitting tonight for my bub so she has something warm to wear:)

    she is so cute:)

  3. she is so Freakin' CUTE! It was SO wonderful to meet you at TNNA this weekend! :-) Just enjoy playing with her! That is all!