Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Putting a Damper On Hat Season

Although we’ve been enjoying the string of near eighty degree days here in Michigan in Mid-October, I refuse to let the weather spoil knit season.  I know what you’re thinking “enjoy them while you’ve got them, it’s going to be a long winter”, and I am aware of this, but nothing beats a cool, crisp fall day (even if winter is looming around the corner).

So, with complete disregard for the weather around me, I will continue to take out my hand knits and wear them with pride.

hats 026

You may remember seeing this hat on one of my Ravelry Roundups back in the Spring.  The pattern comes from my good friend Jill Zielinski (aka Knitterella).  I knit this beaut’ up in a few hours one evening back in the spring (yup- before baby mobility changed things for us)- such a satisfying knit for one evening. 

hats 036

Pattern:  Smocked Slouch

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy

Raveled: here


  1. I'm with you! It's been summery in NY, too, but I refuse to let that get between me and my new scarves and cowls. Gorgeous photos of you and your little beauties (I'm including both your baby and your knits!) :)

  2. It's been rather warm here, too, but that hasn't stopped my hat knitting fever here, either! Plus, that hat is gorgeous, and if I had made it, I would be rocking it, too.

  3. Looks great on you, Melynda! Love the color. Did you did the extra-slouchy version?

    Great photos of you and Elise!

  4. Great knits! Beautiful mother and daughter!

  5. Awwww...you two are so gorgeous!!! Love the hat, and the cowl and Elise's sweater...so awesome! I've been doing the same thing here our way. All the way knits even if it's too hot :)

  6. Looking very smart mom and his child. She is wearing a good blue hat.

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  7. Love the hat...love the baby even more!!! Can you please share the pattern for her beautiful blue sweater?

    Many thanks...happy knitting!

  8. I love that the blue matches Elise' eyes. Great hat. I am actually enjoying the extra warm days quite a bit.

  9. We loved our Indian Summer here in the UK a few weeks back but now its really cool and autumnal so we can all get our woolens out. I love your slouch hat, great design and beautiful colour

  10. I'm with you! I woke up today totally bummed that it was sunny out after a couple days of rain. But I haven't let the warm weather stop me from wearing handknits either. :)

    Gorgeous hat and GORGEOUS baby!

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