Monday, October 17, 2011

Let’s Wrap it Up

Although Elise has never been too interested in clapping, she has always enjoyed the rolling motion from pat-a-cake.  Since she was about six months old, she has been performing “roll-it” anytime she gets excited.   With mobility, we’ve been able to see Elise’s true colors show, as she is always leaving one toy to move on to the next.  Her attention span seems quite short- I positively don’t know where she got that from (insert as much sarcasm as you feel necessary).
wrap it up 020wrap it up 019

So, what was once Elise’s “roll-it” has now turned into “let’s wrap it up”!   We commonly use this after mealtime,  after play time, before nap, etc.  But today, Elise has a message for her dad.

finish 010

For over a year now, this bag has been sitting downstairs.  It’s contents?  The start of something beautiful:
wrap it up
Joe picked out this pattern (Arshile) and yarn (Berocco Remix) for our unborn child last year when visiting    …have you any Wool? in Berkley, MI. 

He decided he would knit the sweater up in the 12 month size, thus allowing him “plenty of time”.  Working for him is the fact that Elise is small, and is just starting to get into 9 month clothing.  Working against him is the fact that his gauge is generally tight, and I’m not sure if he changed needle size to compensate for this. 

I’ll be the first to admit that this girl is not at a loss of hand knit sweaters, but I think it’s time she receives a special garment from her father, anyone else out there agree?

So Elise’s message today is simple: “Da-da, let’s wrap it up!”
wrap it up 014

ps… Elise says she is holding your guitar hostage until you finish.


  1. First of all, I love that little smocked top on Elise! And second of all, I can't think of anything more special than a hand knit sweater from dad. So sweet!

  2. i'm impressed that your husband knits! i've tried to get my husband to try, but to no avail. the sweater is adorable and how special that it's made by daddy. also, elise is a cutie pie!

  3. Hahaha, that's hilarious! And the fact that your husband is knitting her a sweater is the coolest and sweetest thing ever. It also looks gorgeous...I can see why Elise wants it done soon!

  4. Pretty cool to have a daddy who knits!

  5. You have a truly genius of a baby. She not only recognizes the sweater in the works and that it is incomplete but also, knows how to ask for it, and that it is her dad who is supposed to be knitting it! (If he wait too long this cute genius baby will finish it herself)

  6. LOL Elise is a very smart and patient girl. Must go with the name.


  7. I like her thinking, keeping his awesome guitar hostage. If she wants (just an idea here), I could hang on to it until he's done with the sweater?? >:) Love the standing-on-the-guitar-case pic, hilarious.

  8. This is just wonderful that Da~da knits! It will be very precious to her. She is such a cutie.

  9. Joe knits!? Amazing! Elise is going to be a fiber fiend when she gets older . . . she gets it from both sides :)