Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Adventures

Or maybe this post would be more justly named if it held the title: "Trying to Get a Picture of a One-Year-Old in Handknits".  Sigh.

Off to an "ok" start...

Darn it- she's found her way to the flower pots which only contain dirt-

How can we get her to slow down?  Maybe a graham cracker...

Now we're getting somewhere...

yup- spoke too soon, there she goes

Oh no- not the rocks

Hmmm... at least we can see the back detail.  Maybe if we stand her by the bike...

Wait for it...

Darn it- out of focus!

Ok- Just make her sit in the chair:

She may have a mouth full of graham cracker, but alas- we're somewhat in focus, and she's looking.  I think we can consider that a win!

Size:  12 months
Raveled: here

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  1. What an adorable little story that I can fully relate to! Well except for the clever knitting part... that back detail is beautiful :)

  2. What a great post--it's wonderful to see how big your little one is becoming. Beautiful girl, beautiful sweater and as always, a witty mom!

  3. adorable. I love how hard it was to photograph her :P Kids are so funny. Even graham crackers didn't work!! :P I love the flower on the back, I'm seeing that motif EVERYWHERE lately!

  4. Heehee can totally empathise with this :-) Mud, stones, not staying still for a second - fun, fun, fun!

  5. adorable! when/if you have more children...just wait until you try to get more than one kid to cooperate. ;)

  6. hahah beautiful! i love the photo chat too ... she is so very sweet! and that hand-knit is gorgeous! xo

  7. Love the post (and the hand knit ) - we chased our grand daughter around for photos too. I had said to hubby I wanted ONE pix with all 3 grand kids TOGETHER! Ha ha only if I can Photoshop single pix of 'kids on the go' into one -lol! Hope you had a great Easter - even if your little one did not cooperate with photos, looks like she was enjoying herself.

  8. Yep, I think that's a win! That sweater is absolutely adorable (but, seriously, what wouldn't look adorable on that little model?) and I loved the photo story! Daniel isn't even walking yet, but I SO understand!

    P.S. I love your latest design -- it's gorgeous!

  9. The constant movement thing does make photography difficult. The sweater is beautiful and the baby adorable.

  10. Oh, yes - nearly impossible to catch the littles in their handknits, especially if you want the picture in focus :) I have a 14 month old daughter, and a lot of my pictures are back views (as she scoots away from me), or extreme close-ups of her face (as she grabs at the camera).
    Very sweet sweater, though - I love the bright green buttons on the pink.

  11. Beautiful sweater and you did an amazing job. :)

  12. aww, adorable!! It must be hard to get photos when they are so busy and quick!