Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Lack of Baby Knitting

With an expected date of arrival in about two weeks, you'd think I would have a stockpile of fresh knits built up for baby number two.  Unfortunately, this is not so.  In fact, I'm a little ashamed to admit, but I have *nothing* knit for this new babe.  How will ever live up to the standard of knits that Elise had by the time she was one?!

Easy- I won't.

But you gotta start somewhere, right?!?

Enter beautiful yarn:

I purchased this gorgeous Madelinetosh Merino Tosh Light (Lowland colorway) and it has been beckoning to me ever since.  

Problem is, it's hard to plan a hand knit coming home outfit for the beginning of August (especially with the way this summer has been going!).  I wish I was feeling as inspired as I was the first time around, but it's just not so.

But that's where all of you come in.  Over 800 yards of fingering weight yarn- suggestions?

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  1. Oooh, thinking of you! It's exciting times!!! And, all those you had knit for Elise are not going anywhere - they get a round two!!

    I love everything in this collection
    And definitely Magda -

  2. Vest instead of sweater. Still needs a cap, and probably will September on anyway. One of those cocoon thingees; wool breaths, and he/she will be comforted by the closeness.

  3. I love these (found on Ravelry):

    Small Things collection by Carina Spencer
    Heldress med bestefarknepping (sweet baby union-suit-type outfit)by Marte Helgetun

    These are less "coming home" type outfits, but are super cute baby knits and I think they would all look nice in that beautiful yarn you have there:

    Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down
    Milk Infant Top by Brandy Fortune
    Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallée
    Dentelle pour Demoiselle by nadia crétin-léchenne
    Baby Valentine Sweater by Helena Bristow
    Little Ivanhoe by Lena Gjerald
    The Mira Sweater by Elizabeth Murphy

    Happy knitting!

  4. Here are a few baby tagged patterns from my Ravelry favs.
    Never got around to knitting them for my two munchkins but maybe you will have better luck.

    Baby Bonnett
    Bunny Puppet
    Kicking bag

  5. My second little one was the very same. It seems we get all excited about the 1st and when the 2nd comes along we are so busy with just life... The summer has been so probably won't be using knits at first. Whatever you create with that beautiful yarn will be wonderful.
    Take care and don't feel guilty,

  6. What a great list of pattern ideas!!

  7. Boy or girl? Or unisex? Because I've knit the Sunnyside cardigan with short sleeves several times. It really helps to finish it when you know you only have to knit a few rows for the sleeves! It's really cute with the Cable Baby hat Both are free.

  8. My early September baby was born during a heat wave and still wore lots of knit hats for the first six months of her life. Mitts are also a good idea if you have a baby who likes to scratch him/herself. I'd be inclined towards a matching hat/mitts set.

    I can't wait to see what you end up making. I love following your blog and your knitting.

  9. This little onesie/hat/bootie pattern reminds me of a strawberry and seems like the perftect "going home" outfit for a heat-wave baby!

  10. Beautiful yarn! You have a few lovely weeks ahead of you : )

  11. Babies outgrow everything SO quickly - I suggest knitting something that both Mom and baby will enjoy for a long time - a big rectangular shawl to use while you're nursing. The shawl will be a huge hug wrapped around the two of you -and you can also wear the shawl solo for a night on the town!

  12. Thanks ladies... I was also looking for baby patterns since a friend of mine will give birth in 1 week. I've added a bunch of ideas to my fav on Rav, now I just have to figure out which one I want to make :o)

  13. two patterns for baby jackets by elizabeth zimmerman--baby surprise jacket and baby sweater on two needles(also known as february baby sweater)--can be found in her books "the opinionated knitter" and "knitters' almanac".info on the books and the sweaters can be found on ravelry in the "zimmermaniacs" group and various other spots.the yarn is so beautiful that whatever you choose will be stunning! congrats.

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