Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Winner

I loved reading the memories of grandparents that have been coming in over the week for the Phoebe's Birthday giveaway.  They were touching and inspiring, and many were craft related.  I love that crafts are often handed down through the generations.

Once again, with the help of, I found my second giveaway winner for this week:

who wrote:
My grandma taught me how to knit when I was in elementary school--little Barbie rugs and blankets. Now, my mom is working on Phoebe's sweater for my daughter. Saw this post early this morning, but didn't want to be # 1 in giveaway comments, hehe. Rav ID: nmujillybean

Well, it looks like your strategy paid off.  I'll be contacting you on Ravelry to get your address in order to send the signed copy of Phoebe's Birthday your way.

As for me, I've been loving all the suggestions for baby knits on my last post.   I've been busy adding to my favorites and am hoping to find the time to wind up some yarn and cast on a project or two this weekend!

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