Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad...


Well, I was going for wolf, but I'm not sure this was clear.  Of course, if you saw him in context with his big-sis-little-red, it may have been a little easier to figure out.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

The best part of this "costume"?  The awesome sweater Sam's been rocking all week.  Unfortunately, at the rate this kid is growing, this sweater may not see much wear time.

Project Details:
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish dk, Squirrel Heather
Sweater Pattern: Cervide by Catherine Shields
Hat: Improvised 
Raveled: Here

Not very scary, huh?
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  1. Those pictures are adorable! Such wonderful kids:) And I love those costumes too. That sweater is stunning!


  2. Those pictures are priceless. Love the sweater!

  3. not scary.......but very cute!!

  4. Too cute!! Both costumes are just adorable!

  5. Ooooh my goodness, they are too cute for words!! Sam's little contented smile and big belly in the last photo are almost too much to handle! Love your take on a wolf...I think it totally works.

  6. How adorable! I love his little wolf sweater. He's not very big and bad, but the cute and tiny interpretation of a wolf is an improvement in my book.

  7. Absolutely adorable! I may have to make that sweater for my little man...

  8. I too, LOVE how his little belly fills that sweater right out! What a cutie pie!

  9. Adorable! The costumes and of course your children! Oh my, they are both growing so fast!

  10. HAHAHAHAHA, Oh my but they're too cute! And such terrific models! Sam looks the epitome of "fat & happy", totally appropriate at his age.

  11. Scared? No way - the cutest EVER!

  12. Scared? No way - the cutest EVER!

  13. what cuties!! I cannot wait to knit costumes next year haha!


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