Monday, December 10, 2012

It Begins

Whenever it's time for a big change in life, it takes some adjusting to figure out what the "new normal" will look like.  Unfortunately, when attempting to find time to fit everything in, my blog is the first thing to take a hiatus.  For this, I apologize- consistency has not been the theme around here as I have found myself back at a full time job with (now) 2 kiddos.

But, here I am. Today there is time- so I today I will share with you some of the things I have been making time for.

For those of you who follow my Instagram Stream, you would know that in the knitting portion of my life, I am staying busy on a stocking for Sam.  I felt a little motivated after seeing some stockings at a friend's house, so I shot a quick phone picture so I could be inspired by copy what I saw:

So far, we've come up with this:

Since Elise's stocking was inspired by her first Christmas outfit, I decided to incorporate the extra blue yarn from some of Sam's newborn accessories:

Besides the knitting, I've been spending much cherished time with these two little squirts:

We also managed to throw in a celebration for someone's second year of life:

And everyone in the family who is capable of walking has taken up running:

And as Christmas approaches, and we look forward to more time home with family, we continue to find our "new normal"- taking each day as it comes.  Some days hold time for running, some for knitting, some just for each other.  In all the chaos, we know how blessed we are. 


  1. awww, what a cute family! I can't wait to see the finished stocking.

  2. What a beautiful family. I´ve been trying to find time to run but with 3 kids under the age of 5 it´s hard. Alex is only 11 weeks old tomorrow. It was easy with 2 kids that could fit in a running stroller but with 3 and my oldest only 4 and not making it far it is hard. Anyway, I´m done wining. Stocking looks great. I´m trying my hand in cross stitching one.

  3. Wow you are back to work already. I guess we are spoiled here in Canada where young mothers can get a year maternity leave. Of course 32 years ago when I had my first you got 6 weeks with my second daughter 25 years ago it was finally bumped to 6 months. But now our goverment saw the benefit in giving new moms a year off.

  4. Lookit 'er go!! What a trouper, bet she had a blast too. The stocking is going to be gorgeous, and so precious as it will likely still be in use long after his baby clothes have been retired.

  5. That's going to be a gorgeous stocking!! Your kids are going to love those stockings their whole lives! So cool.

    I saw the running photos on Twitter, too, and oooooh my goodness, so cute!