Friday, January 10, 2014


The past few Fridays I have seen more and more #fairislefriday posts pop up in my Instagram stream.  Considering my love for Fair Isle (and Fridays for that matter), I figured it was time to jump on the band wagon.

I've started a pair of mittens for myself because these beloved beauties have gone missing.

Unforunately, if you look close enough to the first picture, you can see the end of the lighter yarn.  I had a tiny ball left over from a few projects I knit for Sam when we was still a wee babe, and I knew it would be perfect with this dark green.  

So, this project is on halt until my new yarn comes.  I just ordered some yesterday afternoon and tracking tells me it should be here by tomorrow (Woohoo- thanks Paradise Fibers!).

In the meantime, I'm off to wind my Christmas yarn and start a hat and cowl... for myself (It is selfish knitting month after all... right?!).

Happy weekend- hope you have a great #fairislefriday!

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