Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby A

Wow.  This weekend we celebrated my nieces first birthday, and it reminded me of a post that I never did publish.  As I looked through old posts, to verify this fact, I found this draft sitting in with the rest of my posts.  Funny how one year can go by so fast and so slow all at once.

It's almost hard to see this squishy-faced little newborn in the little girl who independently stuffed her face with cake and ice cream this weekend.

"The days drag on but the years fly by."
This seems especially true when little ones are around, but finding an unpublished post like this reminds me even more.


Hat- made up as I went

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  1. "Squishy-faced"!! Love it, too cute and so true -- tiny faces are absolutely soft a butter. Best belated birthday wishes to this "big" girl.

  2. 10/10 would cuddle and make high pitched squealing noises while doing so :P