Thursday, February 6, 2014

Purple and Rellow

Ever since she first started talking, Elise has been very adamant on her two favorite colors being purple and yellow "rellow".

Lately, Elise has been very interested in my knitting.  She takes note when I am wearing a sweater and always asks if I knit it.  The answer always seems to be "no".  She has also taken an interest in what I will be knitting for her, and is going as far as requesting different knit items.

From what I hear, this stage doesn't always last, so I have decided to try to take advantage of her interest while it is still there.  So when Elise asked for a pair of hand knit socks, it was time for a special shopping trip (never mind the fact that my feet have never actually been inside a pair of hand knit socks... maybe soon!).

And I was not surprised in the least when this purple yarn was chosen and came home with us.  It's actually a little darker and a little more grape-like than the picture lets on.  

A true Elise purple.

Of course I tried to sell her on my interpretation of purple, but it didn't work.

Eh, looks like I win since it still came home with us.

So wish my luck- I haven't been much of a sock knitter in the past years.

What's your favorite way to knit a sock?

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  1. Toe up!! My favorite technique is from Melissa Morgan-Oakes book: Toe-up Two-at-a-Time Socks.

  2. I learned toe-down and that is still my preference--probably because I have a lot more practice with it and thus the results are always better. When knitting socks for my 2.5yo and almost 5yo I always knit them top down because their little feet grow so quickly and the socks are still in really good shape when they are out grown. SO, I undo the toe and lengthen them as needed. It seems like I always have just a little ball of the yarn I used still hanging around and this is a good way to use it up.
    P.S. Relatives are reporting horrible weather still down there...stay safe and warm!

  3. These are both great shades of purple! Can't wait to see how the socks turn out. I used to be really into toe-up but right now I'm all about top cuff down. You can't go wrong if you're knitting a sock, though. They're the best!

  4. I think I might be a traditionalist- cuff down on DPNs. I like how it divides up the round into chunks. When I'm going around and around and around on a wire, I never really feel like there's a place I can put down my needles.

  5. My daughter is 21 and all the yarn I buy and everything I knit (well almost) gets one comment "MINE!"

  6. I generally go toe-up because I'm bad at estimating when to stop knitting and start the toe. And I like short row toes better. I also really really hate doing flap and gusset heels--short row heels 4eva!--but a lot of people prefer them so try out both and see what you like best.