Thursday, April 17, 2014

Because Sometimes I Need a Challenge

Hello again.  I know it's been a bit of time since you've heard from me (once again), but I assure you knitting has been happening.  And not even just knitting- focused knitting.  Knitting so focused that there's a pattern about to be released.  Hard to believe, huh?!

And while I've been so caught up in said pattern, I need a little something new to work on so I don't just sit stagnant with no knitting in my life.  I need to pull the trigger on a new project, give myself a deadline, and get started.

Enter: Easter outfits.

I have this lovely little number for Elise to wear on Easter, and although the weather looks like it might be quite nice, I've decided a little shrug may be needed to complete the look. And so on the way home, I stopped by the yarn shop to pick up some lovely Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (which happens to be the same yarn I used for Elise's coming home outfit 3 1/2 years ago *sigh*).

The plan:  I'll cast on tomorrow after work.  I was thinking of starting tonight, but I'm too dang tired.  Sometimes, after we get the kids to bed, all I can think about is hitting the pillow myself.  Tonight is one of those nights.  I've chosen a pattern that looks quite simple and pretty- Seedling Shrug by Monika Sirna.  

To be totally honest, Elise chose the pattern.  I had her sit next to me and look at patterns on Ravelry.  She pointed out her favorite one and we went from there.  Of course she's a little bummed that the yarn is plain white, but I've assured her that she'll get plenty of use out of it this way :-).

So... wish me luck, and watch my progress via Instagram
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  1. what a lovely dress! Your little girl is going to look super cute wearing her dress and shrug

  2. A beautiful little dress! And thanks for the shrug inspiration. I was looking for the perfect little thing to make for my granddaughter's birthday. She will love this shrug!

  3. Happy (belated) Easter! I absolutely cannot wait to see how the shrug turned out and how it looks with Elise's ADORABLE dress!