Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Friday, 5:30 pm:

Friday, 8:30 pm (kids in bed, time to *really* knit):

Friday 10:30 pm
With stitch pattern memorized, this pattern really started to take shape and I was able to block the main body (lace panel) before going to bed:

Saturday, 8:30 am
Back on the needles and ready for ribbing:

Saturday, 1:30pm
First try on, still lacking ribbing around edging:

Easter Sunday:

Even Sam is in awe:

Raveled: here

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  1. Here I thought those were Easter Eggs in that lace pattern. Very pretty!

  2. Nice! How do you knit so fast? I've been knitting for YEARS and there's no way I could produce something that quickly.

  3. I really liked seeing your timeline of how things came together. I think it turned out great!

  4. Looks great on Miss Elise. Your children are so blessed to have a mom to knit for them.

  5. Oh so speedy... and so pretty too!