Friday, May 2, 2014

About That Sock...

So remember those socks I was knitting a while back??

Although I have some progress (as in the first sock is off the needles), I have a confession about my relationship with socks in the past few months. 

You see, what this picture is hiding is an 8-month pregnant belly. That's right, baby number three is expected at the end of this month,  proving it difficult once again to get socks on and off. 

So... That's my excuse. Not the fact that I have second sock syndrome and I just can't finish (oh no, not me!).

And my guess is that this is the point where I need to start looking for something spectacular to knit for the new wee one... Time's a'tickin!

Heading down to Indianapolis today for TNNA, excited to be inspired by new fibers, patterns, and people. Check the Instagram steam for updates, and have a great weekend. 


  1. Woo boo! Best wishes for an easy delivery and a healthy baby!

  2. Congratulations!!! I love that your confession is about the sock knitting, not about the pregnant belly. Why would you want to knit socks when you can't even bend down to put them on?

  3. aww congratulations!!! As a fellow 8-mo preggo I can totally relate, I just finished sock 1 and trying it on felt like acrobatics, though I'm thankfully not dealing with swollen feet quite yet thought I am sure it is coming.

  4. Goodness! Congratulations! Look at you, hiding that in a post with socks *shakes head*

  5. Congratulations on baby three! So happy for your family. Regarding the socks; one sock syndrome is very common. That's why I took to knitting 2 at a time! Now they come out the same size and when I'm done, I'm done with both! Best of luck as you welcome your new baby.