Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas in July?

Haha- I made it!  I got Clara in this little number while it was still July, and even managed to share some photos here (that's something to be proud of, right?).

This outfit was originally knit for Elise for her first Christmas.  She was about one month old, Clara here is about 6 weeks old.  As a comparison, here is her big sister: 

The pattern was adapted from a Dale of Norway Pattern (Baby Voss) which started as a long sleeve onesie but ended up as a short sleeve dress.  You can read more about the pattern, yarn, needles, etc. by reading the original post- found here.

One thing that seems to be a theme while taking pictures these days?  I can't seem to get any of just Clara.  It seems we have two professional photobombers living in our house.  Funny how they refuse when I actually ask to take pictures of them, huh?

But, you, reader of this blog, now get the pleasure of viewing "the outtakes":

And wait for it...


Can you believe tomorrow is August?  Enjoy Christmas in July while you still can!

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