Friday, December 26, 2014

Stocking Duos

Thank you for all the lovely feedback on Clara's Stocking and Sweater Set.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I go on a bit of a knitting binge and get so many positive comments on my projects and how quickly they fly off my needles.  I think that maybe just posting pictures of the FO's is unfair, that as a full disclosure I should also take pictures of the piles of laundry, mail, and toys that accumulate during my tunnel-vision knitting frenzy.  And with that being said- you know it exists.  In order to put time in to knitting, other things are definitely sacrificed (but I am off work for 2 weeks this holiday season, so that helps, too!).

Today I wanted to share each of the kids stockings and the knits that have gone with them.

First up, Elise:

Elise's stocking was actually designed after the outfit she wore at her first Christmas.  Since she was born at the end of November, and much of December was spent figuring out (rather trying to figure out) the whole parenting thing, there wasn't a stocking in time for her first Christmas.

You can flashback to Elise's stocking here.

Sam, on the other hand, had his stocking first, and the hat soon followed.  Actually, Elise and Sam both got hats to match their stockings the year I knit Sam's (find pictures here).

I know, I know- Sam only got a hat.  The green yarn from his stocking has been discontinued and I've had trouble finding a green to love just as much.  That being said, his hat has gotten more wear than the girl's stocking knits combined.  He still wears this little hat with the brim down, as pictured.  It's kind of a knit that has grown with him.  To see the flashback to Sam's stocking, check out these posts.

And last but not least, we have these recent knits.  

So it's not just Clara that has the bonus stocking knits, it has actually become a little tradition in our house.  I figure that as the kids grow up and have families of their own, I will still have their stockings, but they will have something to take with them.  What about you, what do you plan on doing with all the special things you make for your kids?  Do you save them, do you have  a special way to store them for later use?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. The knits I've made for my kids I just can't part with. Everything else gets passed down but the special knits get put away. I'm not sure what will ever happen to them, but I feel the need to keep them.

  2. I heard a story last night of a knitter who made stockings for her children, grandchildren and the family dog. Her grandchildren were very concerned she will not live to make stockings for their future husbands and children as she is in her 80's. The knitter went ahead and knit 5 stockings for each of the girls: one for the future husband and four for the future children. The knitter felt 4 was the maximum amount of children she felt they should have.

    1. Love this idea, June! I imagine someone having a fifth child and begging for a spare from another family member!

  3. I save all my kids' knits as well. They go in their special memory boxes and for the larger knits, the tubs where I keep special clothes I can't part with. My hope is someday their children will wear the things I made.

    One of my friends has arthritis and is knitting things for future grandchildren. She worried that she may not be able to knit for them and she wanted to ensure they would have their own knits.

  4. Your work is so solid and clean and lovely. I notice that you have done three different heels. Have you used books to teach you all these different heels? I'd love to try to do these things, but I've yet to find a book or a pattern that I've liked. Have you one that you'd recommend? I'm just so very impressed.

  5. Any chance you have the patterns for the Elise and Clara stockings? I'm wanting to make some for my boyfriends and my first Christmas together with our own place. I just fell in love with both these patterns. Thanks!