Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Late Resolutions

So I do realize that January is halfway over, but some things need to be said, even if late.

The last few weeks I have been pondering different goals I have for the year 2015.  I never was much a a 'resolutions' person in my younger years, and I'm not sure I'm quite there yet- but I welcome the idea of a fresh start and reassessment of skills and perspectives.

When it comes to knitting, there are always new techniques I would like to learn, along with an ever growing list of things to make.  In 2015, I am putting it out there, making it public.  If nothing else, you all can hold me accountable and hopefully just saying it publicly gets me moving.  I don't want the list to be too extensive, and I know I never have time to design and write and knit all the things I would like, so I decided I will focus on skill and techniques.

So, with that, here is my list of knitting goals for 2015:

1.  Learn Brioche
          I have long loved the brioche stitch and would love to incorporate it in to designs.   I have been eyeing up some classes on Craftsy, and even have a gift card for a free class.  Time to put it to use!  Have any of you taken either of the Craftsy Brioche Knitting classes?  There's Brioche Knitting Made Easy and Explorations in Brioche Knitting.  Recommendations?

2.  Learn Double Knitting
          Hilary tells me it's not too hard, she has a couple cowl patterns that utilize the technique beautifully- I think it may finally be time to read up and cast on!

3.  Steeking
          Yes- it freaks me out.  I don't think I'm alone, but I also think, that like many things in knitting, it's not going to be as difficult as it sounds (maybe?!?).  There are many projects I could implement this one on.  I would love to knit myself a fair isle cardigan... my goal is to make this happen, by way of steeking, in 2015.

What about you-  any 2015 knitting goals?  I'd love to hear them and see progress along the way.   Let's hold each other accountable in this knitting community!  I plan on posting my goals, and progress on them, on Instagram along with the hashtag: #2015knittinggoals . Will you join me?


  1. I've done all these things except brioche (I personally don't find it an attractive stitch and so have no plans to waste good yarn upon it). Neither is particularly difficult, you just have to be careful while doing them.

    I don't usually plan my projects for the year, but this year I'm going to try to actually start and finish a pair of socks. They've never really interested me, as they're hidden under pants, but there are some rather lovely lace knee-highs I was gifted the pattern to a few years ago (and started but gave up when I needed the yarn for something else), and I think this is the year to finally complete a pair.

    The other thing I'd like to accomplish is to have twelve projects in a year. Last year had I finished all my WIPs I would have knit twelve sweaters! I can't believe that, but that's what Ravelry says. So I'm planning on finishing all those languishing WIPs and then something every month after that.

  2. I believe the big difference between the two Craftsy classes is that Nancy Marchant is a thrower and Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark is a picker. That helped me decide, since both classes sound great! :)

  3. I'm not terribly interested in brioche knitting, but steeking is fascinating. As in, Shark Week on the Discovery channel is "fascinating". I've dabbled in stranded knitting, and will try to get to a steeked project this year. Double knitting is also on my (short) list of techiniques to explore this year. I keep saying I'll learn to do intarsia, but my interest in that is waning.

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