Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paige Mitts

This first design I have to share with you are my Paige Mitts for Swans Island Yarn Company.  I had the pleasure of visiting Swans Island "headquarters" on a family trip to Maine in 2014 (the week after Clara was born).

Visiting Maine was a dream. In many ways, the terrain reminded us of northern Michigan... but different.  Big hilly expanses gave us a sense of being home, but the rocky terrain and blooms (oh, those sea air blooms!) put us in another world.  

To have the chance to tour Swan's Island Yarn put the vacation on a whole new level.


At the end of my visit, I was loaded up with yarn to play and experiment with, including a few skeins from the All American Collection.  I got busy working and designed two patterns for the release of their sport weight line.  

© 2015 Swans Island / Gale Zucker

The Paige Mitts knit up quickly in two skeins of  Swans Island All American Wool Sport Weight.  Although they are knit in low contrast, subtle tones here, the yarn comes in 36 different shades.  I plan on knitting myself a pair in a high contrast red and white (when, not sure... but that's the plan!).

© 2015 Swans Island / Gale Zucker

This yarn is the bee's knees to work with.  Seriously, I'm not kidding!  The stitch definition and 'grippiness' of the yarn makes it the perfect choice for colorwork patterns, small and large.

If your LYS doesn't carry it, it is available to order directly from their website.

Paige Mitts are available through Swans Island Yarn, as a pdf download via Ravelry. 

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the low contrast colors. Does the pattern use the whole skeins? I like using fingerless mittens over gloves, so I can continue wearing them in super cold weather. Polar vortex, anyone? ;) I am considering modifying the pattern to make them a bit more roomy to fit over gloves. Just wondering if I will need more than one skein of each color. TIA!