Monday, July 11, 2016

Christmas in July

This year has been a long and trying one.  I quit my job in October and took on role of full time stay-at-home mother of three little ones.  Joe started and completed his first year teaching and it was a doozy (I hear the first year's the hardest, right?!)!  Now that July has come in to our lives, life is simpler.  Joe is home and we are enjoying family time, and during the days, I am free to work... on knitting!

Yarn has been arriving...
And I have been winding:

And it's time to (finally) sit down and work on my stocking pattern collection!

My goal is to have a collection of 5-10 stocking patterns released by mid October (Rhinebeck, anyone?!), available in digital download and hard copy.  I'm busy getting quotes from printers while charting and knitting and writing and all the other good things that life is allowing me these days

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  1. I can't wait! I love Christmas stockings!

  2. I love the teal and white striped one! I love your workspace too.

  3. Such a sweet collection of stockings! Is it wrong to feel festive in July?