Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye-less and Ear-less

Many of you were able to spot Elijah right away from my group WIP photo.  You may have noticed that, although almost finished he wasn't quite there.  Now, two weeks later- there is nothing new to show, except a picture of Elijah by himself, in all of his ear-less and eye-less glory.

Elijah will have to be done by this weekend, as he's a gift for a friend whose baby came early.

More info on the pattern:
Yarn:  not quite sure, grabbed it from my stash because it was the right color.  I know it's just from Jo-Ann's a while ago, I believe it may be Spa


  1. Even eyeless and earless he's still a cutie.

  2. I loved the way that my elpantie (Susan B Anderson's pattern) turned out - I must do this one too. Please get a shot of this FO before you gift it!