Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, Hello There!

You may have noticed a brief absence on my part, and there was a reason for that.  I just got home from a week away in North Dakota to visit my sister and her family.

As a quick recap, there was a whole lot of this:

and this:

And probably more games of Hi Ho Cherry-O and Pretty, Pretty Princess than I have played in my entire lifetime!

Fortunately for me, there was also a bit of this:


Details on individual projects coming soon :)


  1. It sounds like a great trip! Is that an adorable knitted elephant I see? So cute!

  2. LOVE the freckled nose!
    Is that Elijah? So cute. I want to make one, but am totally intimidated!

  3. Good God, you're a knitting ninja.

  4. oh i can't wait to see the sweaters!

  5. They both like to stick out thier tongues in pictures. They must have learned that from daddy. Amanda

  6. I have to post a comment on one of your past posts - the Navajo knitting. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I've gone into production on 3 FP slippers for gifts and the Navajo knitting has made them go so fast and so well. Love the slippers and love the great tip. (Very cute pictures of your children, btw.) REALLY love those slippers.

  7. I see you made Ysolda's "Elijah". I can't wait to get one on my needles.

  8. Hummm what could the blue knitted item be??? That is very exciting, I can't wait to see more of it!