Monday, September 26, 2011


Success!  Did Elise have a new sweater to wear to Greenfield Village?

You bet!

 Did we have a blast?

 For Sure!

The sweater went so fast, probably about 4-5 hours of work.  I would have liked to put buttons all the way around, but I didn't have the time or the buttons.  I will try to go out on a button search later this week.  I am a fan of the small purple buttons I did have, maybe I can find more?

Pattern:  Owlet by Kate Davies
Raveled: here


  1. She's the cutest! Those eyes.... could they be any bluer?

    Well done on getting your Owlet turned out so quickly! It's a knitting victory!

  2. Oh such a great sweater, and your little girl is just adorable!

    I made Owlet for a grandson last winter, and he loved it. He's a big owl fan -- must be Harry Potter, you think? And the pattern is brilliant, isn't it?



  3. I have this pattern. I have a question....what was your pattern for the shorter sleeves? I had wanted shorter sleeves and yours look great!

  4. you have some flying needles!! She looks so cute in it!

  5. OMG! Could she be any cuter? Love the sewater.

  6. Holy Hanna, that was quick! It's gorgeous tho - very nice!

    *scampers off to "fave" Owlet...*

  7. Do you ever sleep...or are you a knitting machine? She's as cute as a button...can't believe how quickly you finished that adorable sweater...amazing - as usual!

  8. You are my knitting hero. The sweater is adorable and the baby even cuter.

  9. @Kara I just added notes for the short sleeves on my Ravelry project page- just click the link above in the post.

  10. When I grow up I want to be able to stitch like you do! You are awesome! Any hints as to how to keep stitches looking the same? Your items look so good and even whereas my stuff looks "homemade".

    PS your baby is darling!

  11. she is just a little doll, with the bluest of eyes and keeps getting cuter!!!!!!!! adorable and love her little owlet!

    well done!


  12. This sweater is so cute! Love the color.

  13. I have had this on my list of things to knit for an age. If I thought I could get it made in 5 hours, or even 10 I would cast on tonight!! It looks lovely with the shorter sleeves