Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Sweater

We here in Michigan were almost convinced that two weeks of 80 degree weather in Mid-March would continue through to summer.  And although it would have been quite an anomaly, we should all know that it just wasn't a possibility.  And suddenly, dreams of a warm Easter Sunday came to an end.

The result?

A new sweater for Elise, of course!

Plans for a lightweight shrug were quickly changed to accommodate the dropping temperatures, and to be quite honest, I'm glad they did- because how cute is this?

What I really fell in love with is the back detail:

And mine has been coming along bit by bit all week long:

The pattern is Olivia Petit by Connie Chang Chinchio, and although I swear I purchased it from the Quince & Co website in the past week or so, it seems to have disappeared.  Can anyone else out there find it?

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  1. Oh, She is growing so quickly! Her looks have changed considerably since I last saw her appear here. If it's possible, she's even more beautiful! Oh, and the sweater is adorable too. :-D

    1. Oh- those pictures are of the pattern, not of Elise- they Connie Chang Chinchio's daughter :-)

  2. Ha that was my first thought, Elise has changed, Sweet kid though nonetheless. Adorable sweater too.

  3. That detailing is exquisite. Can't wait to see your FO!

  4. Just tried every way to locate the pattern and couldn't so I emailed Connie.

  5. I knew you would make an adorable Easter sweater for you baby and can't wait to see modeled pictures.

  6. Wo, cutest little girl sweater ever! That back detail is amazing. Can't wait to see Elise in hers!

  7. It's an adorable pattern, can't wait to see the finished results

  8. The pattern is off the site for a couple of more days for clarification.

  9. Pattern is now available again. Question, what yarn did you use?? I thought maybe is was the Lark called for in the pattern, but the only pink appears to be much lighter than yours. Wanted to know what you did as a substitute (if in fact you did sub.) Many thanks Melynda! ps as of 4/12 I think you just spoiled us with 3 posts in just a few days -yeah!! :)